Smart Asses DVD

Nerds can be so hot and sexy sometimes.. Specially when they come in this form. Naughty, horny and ready to be fucked. Polish and straighten your glasses, turn your game of, pull down your Pokemon boxers and enjoy our Smart Asses DVD. . .

It’s always the quiet ones…These geeks may look reserved and innocent but are actually very naughty nerds! They suck cock better, fuck arse deeper and swallow more loads than your usual 18 year old! Don’t let the glasses and side partings fool you! Hung like a horse and hornier than a nymphomaniac; they may stay late and study but only so they can fuck each other senseless on the library floor!


Kevin Ateah & Skylar Blu
Sean Savoy & Josh Adams
Simeon Fletcher & Kyle Dickson
Riley Smith & Milo Taylor
Evan Zero, Kamyk Walker & Lucas Davidson


Michael Burling

Running Time:

90. minutes

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Kamyk Walker

~ Kamyk Walker ~

Tell us about yourself- Why did you want to work as a model?
I always wanted be a porn model.

What companies/websites have you worked for?,, and few Polish websites. Atm, I am working with Kisslads =)

Whats the best thing about being a model?
Meeting with a lot of sexy boys

How do you practice your modelling?
This comes natural for me.

What are your likes and dislikes?
I don`t like it when we are making a scene, and we have to repeat some of the scenes. And I really don`t like when other models are not shaved. What I like the most, is the last few minutes of  the shoot, when everyone cum, if you know what I mean ^^ and I like the atmosphere, we always have fun.

Do you model locally or abroad as well?

I model in England and Poland and I want to model everywhere around the world.

Have you experienced bad modelling agency and how did you handle it? And would you be willing to work for someone who didn`t treat your right again?Where does your limit go when a model agency ask you to model for them?
I have just had one bad experience, the agency was very unprofessional and didn`t treat me nice. I felt really uncomfortable and I will never go back there. My limit goes when I have to make a shoot with an old man.

What work are you most proud of? Why?
The shoots I did with my ex boyfriend, because they are natural and real.

Tell us about yourself?
Like every young person, I like clubbing, shopping, I love Facebook and I have my own page @Sorry Girls I Suck Dicks. I get to meet a lot of new people from around the word.  I am also very interested in politics, even if I am young and not many on my age is interested in it.

How was it to work with Kisslads?
This is the best company I have worked for. Kisslads has the best boys. And they are really professional.

Any models you specially like ?
Brad Fitt. But my favorite is Brent Corrigan, he is my
inspiration. My idol.

What turns you on?
I really like slim boys , shaved(!) I like  to suck dicks more than fucking ^^

Have you ever been with a girl?
Yes but thats a long story.

Did you like it?
It was fine but boys are better. I really REALLY hate boobs. For me they are nonsexual

When you go out clubbing, or at any other events. Where do you go out?
Usually I go out to party with my female friend. Sometimes we got to gay clubs and sometimes to ‘normal’ club. In central London there is plenty of places to go, so we try not to go to the same place all the time.

If we looked in your refrigerator, what would we find?
Hahaha! That is a good question. You wont find much. Its always empty, only ice cream. I love fast food <3

What are your plans from now? Are you going back to work for Kisslads?
Yes, whenever they need me I`m ready. Next shoots I have is on this Wednesday

I hear you are a Hello Kitty fan.. Tell us..
Ahahaha. Yes this is true.  I have a lot things with Hello Kitty…

I heard the picture with the towel had a story?
Oh yes! I left my towel in the bathroom, and no one thought it was mine. Everyone laughed, they thought it was Brad Pitt`s towel because he is the princess. Then I said very quiet and shy; Its mine.

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Brad Fitt visiting United Kingdom

This and the last week, we have had a couple of models from Prague visiting us here at Kisslads. The 2 gorgeous boys Brad Fitt and Kevin Ateah came to stay with us for a week. The boys also had a few shoots to do as well. Brad Fitt wanted to tell us how his journey was. It was his first trip to the UK and also first time out flying. The guys had a wonderful time, and didn`t want to leave at all.. All from being naughty to partying all night long.

~~ Brad Fitt`s journey ~~

Hi guys! I wanted to write you about my trip to Birmingham, and about the shooting at Kisslads.

1st day: This was my first time flying ever and I absolutely loved it. I traveled with Kevin Ateah on the air plane to Birmingham, and we have had so much fun. :-D All tho there was so many kids crying all the time on the plane. Before I went to the airport I was really scared, because I had been watching flights disasters clips at YouTube. (It was a really bad thing to do :P ). When we arrived in Birmingham, Mikey and Jesse Magowan was waiting for us. Haha, and Mikey had rented a really gay car. :D It was a Fiat 500 with a light blue color. :D It was so funny! All tho, it was really difficult for me to understand the driving there because, in my country we drive at right side and not on the left. When we came to the apartment we had some coffee. I got a mug with a picture of Margaret Thatcher on it :D

2nd day: We got tested for HIV and other things, they were all negative. :-) Afterwards we met up with Connor Levi and we went together back to the studio for our first shoot. The shooting was for me a little bit different then back in Prague, because in Birmingham they have a female behind the camera; But never mind I got over it. :D And it was really good. While we did the shoot with Connor Levi and Jesse Magowan and I, Kevin Ateah was also waiting for me, since he can´t speak much English. I was sorta like his personal „Google translator“ :D After the shoot was finished, we went out for some British food and then back to get some sleep.

3rd day: I had a day off, and we went to get some real English breakfast. I was scared to try it.  Because I don´t eat much, only a few things. But now I know that English breakfast is really good. I loved it! Later we went to the train station to pick up Skylar Blu, and then we went back to the studio again where Kevin had a scene, and I was again helping him and translating everything for him. :D And I was also a stand-in, because we had a small problem, that I don´t want to talk about any further. After the shooting we went all together to get food. Then drinks and clubbing. To party in the clubs in Birmingham was really good. I just wanted to stay there til the morning, but everyone got tired around 3 am, so we went back to the apartment and all the guys talked together for about an hour. :D And then sleeeep!

4th day: Was all the same. I had a scene with a new model with a really big cock and it was really hard for me hehe. And I was shooting in my favorite hoodie too. :-P Which was a present from James Radford (The Puppy).  After the shoot was done, we went to a bar and drank again and had lots of fun :-P I do love clubbing a lot. :D

5th day: We went to London to see Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, The London Eye, Big Ben and all that stuff. It was really fun. We wanted to go clubbing afterwards, but we were too tired and fell a sleep on a sofa.

6th day: The weather was really beautiful. It was a clear blue sky and sunny. Kinda like my own country around spring time… We went to the Bullring Shopping Center, and I wanted to buy the new iPhone 5, but  they were all sold out. So instead we went to the „Sidewalk“  to eat and drink something, and to taaaaaalk way too much about work.  We went to bed early that day…

7th day: We had to get up at 4 am, because we had to fly back home. What a pity :/ ….

It was the happiest time in my life! I love Britain, and I hope I can come back soon again :-P

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Spy News

We have just finished shooting the new Bond film for Staxus and its a really exciting film, can`t wait to see it. Its due out in November and features our two exclusives Kai and Connor. Luckily we have managed to get some exclusives pics from the DVD for you all to see, Ill let you know when I have more gossip for you.

Also: A sneak preview of some scenes from our recent 007 film, produced and directed by the crew here at Kisslads, and starring some of our hottest models :,

007 Agents; The men with the golden cocks are on new missions.

I wonder if they prefer it shaken or stirred?

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Trick or Treat DVD

Its spooky time again. And our latest DVD, Trick and Treat is filled with horny vampires, cumming zombies and naughty devils.  If one of these guys turned up on my door I wouldn`t dare to choose anything else but Treat. Something tells me that they don`t want the regular candy. But maybe a poor innocent guys lollipop is in for a treat.

Do you choose Trick or Treat? Dressed as sailors, angels, zombies and horny devils these boys are hunting for two things; and both include filling their holes! Whether it’s a mouthful of candy or an arse full of hard cock; watch as they go around the neighbourhood doing the most sordid things for a mouthful of something sticky!


Jamie West, Drake Law, Lloyd Adams,Aaron Aurora, Riley Smith, Skylar Blu,Damion Harrison, Alexander Syden,Lucas Davidson, Jake Hardy, Jason Roberts


Michael Burling

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Kai Alexander about Prague

Kai Alexander is back from Prague, he had a small little flu when he returned. But he tok his time to tell us about his trip with him, Skylar and Connor. They sure had a fun time, involving some stripping, titties and some good old spanking.

Upon entering the city of Prague, I saw nothing of any significant difference to any major city in England; until I got in the car to drive to where we were staying.


Words simply can not describe how scary it is to not only be driving on the wrong side of the road, but to be at the mercy of a Czech driver with trams buzzing around the same lanes as the rest of the traffic. I remember thinking, how will I tell my mum I`m in a Czech hospital after a traffic accident.


As soon as we arrived at Rich`s flat , I couldn`t help but feel safer. For a start , there are no trams in a 2nd story apartment. We dropped off our stuff, said our hello’s to the people we would be living with for the week and went out onto the unusual, and breath taking new streets of Prague in search for food.


After a while we came across our destination, a restaurant Mikey had eaten in before. My first encounter with a not-so-very-bilingual, unlike the rest of the people I have ever met happened to be with the waitress. Just my luck. I wanted salmon, but could not pronounce a word of Czech. What did I do? The only thing an Englishman is to do abroad:


This , I have since discovered is not the best of ways to speak to anyone, even if you can not speak a word of their language.

Well I got my salmon salad at the sound price of 200 Ck (£6) including my drink. My initial reaction after doing the maths to see my entire meal was less than a packet of cigarettes was “they are going to feed me cardboard”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I have never had such a nice salad ( Okay there were olives in it , but I`m sure they would have been lovely had I liked the horrible, slimy ,green and black things. )

After we had eaten, we decided to hit the town and get a few drinks. After walking around in what seemed like circles, me and the guys came across a bar, went in and had a drink or three.


Later that evening, I was told we were going to go to a strip club. You can imagine my reaction. ” But, but, I`m gay. I don’t like boobies. Oh god, shes naked. Help! “

I ordered my usual, a grey goose and lemonade, and the waitress stole my change, claiming she deserved a tip. Oh well, it can`t have been that much, and the food weren’t that expensive.

Now, I have never and will never sleep with a women,but even I could see these girls were beautiful. Fake, but beautiful. I wish I could do half of what they can with the arrangement of three poles on the stage!

Three propositions and an awkward conversation about stilettos later, on came the girl we all called Snookie, she does her stuff, and spanks a few people with a plastic sword and then starts walking around trying to sell her assets for a “reasonable price”. Then she sees us  and sassily makes her way through the crowds of men oggling at her to me.

“You`re gay?” She asks

“Yes” Oh dear God help me.

“Then it doesn’t matter!” Without any warning, she grabs the back of my head with both hands and with surprising force, pulls me into her tits. Why me ? I swear we established I was gay.

I still have no idea what happened for her to decide that was the best way to introduce herself, but after that, me, Skylar and Connor got talking to her properly. She was lovely.

Anyway, after that, we went back to Richies to get some sleep for tomorrow.


Waking up in a strangers bed, in a country you have never been to before, with two other models in the same room as you, is the strangest thing I think I`ve ever done, and by God my head was hurting. Oh well. No time to waste, lets get ready and get some food!

Not much else happened for the rest of the day, we were all too tired to care about anything, except for Connor, who had his first shoot with Rich`s, who produces a lot of spanking DVD’s. Connor was not impressed with the new scarlet colour of his bum to say the least, and to be honest, it did look sore. Hmm, I have to do that in a few days time.


Day three in Prague. The first day of shoots for me, and the first day I would meet Pepa, one of the producers for Staxus. Right, wake up, quick shower, shave and leave to find food. Arriving at the studio me and Mikey were greeted by Pepas assistant and was taken to where I would be getting my hair and make-up done. All was going well until it came to my hair, which took three attempts before I decided I would do it myself  just so I didn`t look like one of the Beatles!

So, with hair and make-up done, all I had to wait for was Connor to finish his shoot and I would find out who I was working with.

2 hours later, with Connor finished and the other model ( a very muscly straight Czech guy ) ready, it was time for photos, and then the video. All went well, so hopefully  the pictures and videos will look good :)

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